Why Designer Clothes Are Worth the Cost

One of my favourite guilty pleasure movies is The Devil Wears Prada. I love the whole sequence where Anne Hathaway transforms from a clueless brand name buying consumer to a chic, smartly dressed, beautiful woman, effortlessly drawing attention everywhere she goes.
It could be argued that her change had something to do with her level of confidence or attention to detail, but anyone who has seen the movie knows that a big part of it was embracing the right clothing and the top designer brands.

What are the benefits of buying designer clothes?

When I speak of designer clothing, I’m not just talking the latest trends and ridiculous price tags. Yes, we all embraces Victoria Beckman’s collection of designer jeans in the past, but designer fashion goes way beyond celebrity wear.
When it comes to buying designer clothes, whether they are smart casual wear or workwear, it is their material and their construction that should be considered. Unlike brand name clothing, designer threads are specially made to fit well and last. Don’t recycle your wardrobe each season with poor quality materials, instead invest in some quality pieces that you can count on for years.

Radiate success and confidence

Dress for success. This is something we’ve heard over and over again, and if you think about it, clothes can be a big determining factor in our success. When you put on your best outfit, have your hair done just right, find the perfect shoes, it makes you feel good. This surge of confidence snowballs and suddenly you’ll find yourself sure of your intents, actions, and like you can do no wrong. Other people are sure to notice. Good thing you’ll already be dressed to impress.

Clothing that doesn’t go out of style

Ripped jeans and faded denim might be popular now, but think about the future. In 5 or 10 years, do you believe that this will still be the case? A rule of thumb that I use then deciding to buy a new piece of clothing is considering how many years the piece will last me. I try to evaluate if the trousers, blouse, the pair of jeans, or whatever it may be, to see if I will still both want to wear it years from now, and it will last, meaning not fall apart in the wash or is made of poor material.
If you’re spending your hard earned money on clothes, you want to make sure you’ll be wearing them for more than just one season. This is where well-made designer clothes, like you would find from VANEO, stand the test of time. From their smart blazers, silk bodysuits, or printed tops, you’ll know you’ll be able to enjoy your beloved pieces for years.

Elevate your social status or show off your signature style

People make assumptions based on what your wear. While this may not be fair, it is a truth we all know and probably partake in. If you see someone you don’t know in a Ralph Lauren polo you might draw conclusions to their personality, character, and maybe even what they do for a living.
What someone wears can make all the difference between you wanting to approach and get to know them, or cementing your belief that you have nothing in common. When we don’t know another person, we have limited information to draw conclusions about them, the most important being what they wear and how they’re dressed.
Everyone is unique, and with designer clothing, you’re better able to represent yourself to the outside world. Set yourself apart with your own personal look and attract the right type of people and attention.