Disgusted With your Internet Loading Time?

Do you find yourself waiting for a long time for your internet to load? Does it take ages for your picture to load, or to download a movie or music? Do your friends and family grumble that they can never survive on the phone line because you or your youngsters are always on the internet? If you answer yes to any of the above, then Rural Wifi has good news for you.


Rural WiFi is the only Broadband Company in Ireland that guarantees connectivity no matter where you live.

We are unique because we have 3 different types of Broadband Solutions, allowing us to offer you the best fit solution based on your location.

Satellite Broadband

Rural WiFi Satellite Broadband works via a satellite dish installed by our engineers and pointed towards the geostationary satellite some 36,000 kilometres above the surface of Earth. The connection doesn’t rely on obsolete or outdated cabling. Our satellite broadband connects you using state of the art technology, giving you the best connection available.

Key Benefits of Satellite: 

Satellite broadband brings fast, stable internet to your home, so you can enjoy all the opportunities of the connected world. We offer 100% nationwide coverage and connect even the most remote parts of the country.

Life is bigger, brighter and better with a fast, stable broadband connection. And it’s our mission to take you there, with lightning-fast connectivity delivered through the sky.

Mobile Broadband

 What’s included in this package:

Our wireless broadband brings speeds up to 10x faster than some fixed-line connections

Simply Plug and Play

No Land Line needed

Unlimited Data

Unlimited streaming, gaming, social media & uploads. Perfect for families, gamers & Rural Business needs.

Booster Antennas available for better speeds

14-day money-back guarantee


Rural WiFi High-Speed Broadband

What’s included in this package:

High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure for Rural Irish communities & businesses

By using the latest 5G ready Fixed broadband technology, which is already being used by some of the biggest companies in the world, communities in Rural Ireland can finally get the broadband speed they need.

You’ll enjoy Speeds up to 150Mb, Unlimited download, Free local, national and UK landline calls, Free 60 minutes to Irish mobiles and Massive savings

Our priority is to quickly extend the coverage of its broadband service to homes and businesses that have little to no broadband. Providing faster, reliable, future-proof broadband to everyone, everywhere. By upgrading existing, local high sites, we are able to reach communities quickly and easily. Get in touch and let us connect you to the world.

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