The Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Rings

princess-cut-diamond-semi-bezel-set-engagement-ring-with-matching-wedding-ringThe princess cut comes in a close second to the round brilliant shape for diamond rings. So what is a princess cut exactly? It is either a square or rectangular cut diamond with four sides that are beveled and on the side you can see that the shape resembles an inverted pyramid.

The cut itself was created in the swinging Sixties and it has become more and more popular recently. The difference between the princess and the brilliant cuts is that the princess cut has corners, whereas the brilliant cut is round. This also means because of this a princess cut diamond will weigh more.

Princess cut engagement rings are a very popular choice. They can be pricey though. The famous Tiffany & Co have one that is one carat and retails from $10,700. The diamond says it all with this ring as the band is a very simple and elegant design. They of course have other rings with this design such as the Tiffany Grace where the diamond is surrounded by a platinum band with covered with round brilliant diamonds. At Tiffany’s you obviously pay for their name but they have lovely designs and their diamonds are specially cut to maximise their brilliance and their standards are extremely strict. The diamond has to be near colourless to be a Tiffany diamond. Also you will get a lifetime warranty.

Of course you can check out these engagement rings at a jeweller of your choice and you can also do some research online. Some website, like whose trademark is the ethical origin fine jewellery lets you custom build a ring. An 0.37 carat princess diamond here would cost around $650 but then you have to build the ring so you still have to choose and pay for settings and the band. This company traces the diamonds from the mine where you can find out if the mine is safe for workers and if they are paid well. Many companies are now making sure the diamonds they sell are not “blood diamonds”.

You can also get pre-owned rings with this cut quite easily and many people love the vintage look.

There are a lot of choices for a princess cut diamond ring as it is a popular cut and prices range from under $1000 to well over $10,000. Still an engagement ring should be for a lifetime and most ladies would be thrilled to receive a diamond in this style.

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