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The Ultimate Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Guide

Did you know that the average carat of an engagement ring center stone size is less than one carat? Did you also know that seven out of ten women do not want their partner to propose until they had saved enough money to buy the ring of their dreams and that a whopping twenty eight percent of women would turn down a proposal if the ring is not of their taste? For this very reason it is therefore very crucial that the groom should save up and pick the ring that he knows is what his woman prefers and for that reason, seventeen percent of men are prepared to work overtime to pay for a ring. Read more »

Guide in Choosing Your Engagement Ring Setting

As equally important as the band of the engagement ring and the center stone is the setting of the ring. The setting gives the ring its unique look and it also helps a lot into fitting what you prefer your overall engagement ring to look like. If you prefer it simple with a bit of edginess, you can do so. If you want it flashy and eye-catching, there is a setting perfect for it. If you want to give your center rock a good emphasis, there are also different available settings for it. Read more »

Buying an Engagement Ring

Before heading to the different jewelry shops or before checking the website of different jewelry shops to look for the perfect ring for her, you should know a lot of things about her preference. It also pays to take her personality into consideration. Read more »